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Everything You Need To Know About the ASUS G73JH

Stock ASUS Photos:

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

I will be updating this as new information is available.

I know we’re all getting sick and tired of repeating information, so this will be the place to go for everything pertaining to the ASUS G73JH.

What is the ASUS G73JH?
The G73JH is an amazing gaming laptop with crazy specs and is (or will be) available at an insanely low price.

Here are the specs that matter… the rest you can find on teh interw3bz.

Processor: Core i7-720QM @ 1.6GHz (2.8GHz Turbo), 6MB Cache, 45W TDP [Source]
Memory: 8GB DDR3 1066MHz* (Apparently expandable to 16GB. Souce: XoticPC.com)
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 (1GB of GDDR5) [Source] (Default clock speeds are 700MHz/1000MHz – Credit: dondadah88)
Storage: Two 500GB**(***) 7200RPM Seagate Momentus Drives (16MB Cache)

* ziddy123 was the first to report that his came with 1333MHz DIMMs. Yours may or may not.
** The X3 model apparently comes with two 320GB drives. This version is only available here as of the writing of this post.
*** The X1 model comes with one 500GB drive, no backpack or mouse, and a 2-year warranty.

When/where can I get one of these?
Confirmed reliable resellers that are active on Notebookreview.com include (but is not limited to) GenTechPC, PowerNotebooks.com, and XoticPC.com. Another reliable reseller is EXcaliberPC. Rumor has it that another shipment (A1’s) will be going out on 2/17/2010 with another shipping at the first part of March. (I am revising this post on February 22, 2010, and the A1’s have still not shipped at this point.)

Confirmed recipients of the G73JH-A2 on 2/6/2010:

The first shipment of G73JH-A2’s went out Friday 2/5/2010. Many people had preordered the A1 in early January, but people that followed the NBR forums knew the A2 would be in stock @ resellers on 2/5/2010 and ordered that day with overnight (+Saturday) delivery.

ziddy123 (Ordered from EXcaliberPC)
0100 1010 0101 0011 (Ordered from EXcaliberPC) Received @ 11:24AM EST
ViciousXUSMC (Ordered from GenTechPC)
Quadzilla (Ordered from GenTechPC) Received @ 9:41AM EST

g73jh_firstCourtesy of Quadzilla’s iPhone! First end-user pic of this beast!

I keep seeing the G73JH-A1, G73JH-A2, G73JH-X3, etc. – What are the differences!?!
G73JH-A1: Has a BD-ROM drive. ($1,645.00 [USD])
G73JH-A2: Lacks the BD-ROM drive, but comes with a DVD+/-RW drive instead.  ($1,549.00 [USD])
G73JH-X1: Downgraded HDD’s. Comes with one 500GB 7200PM drive. Has the DVD+/-RW SuperMulti just like the A2. No backpack or mouse. ($1,449.99 [USD])
G73JH-X2: Same as the X1, but has a BD-ROM drive. Available in the USA. ($1,499.99 [USD])
G73JH-X3: Downgraded HDD’s. Comes with two 320GB 7200RPM drives instead. Has the DVD+/-RW SuperMulti just like the A2. This is currently listed on Provantage, but I’d imagine it’ll end up on Newegg and other retailers’ sites as well. It is worth noting that this version may not come with a backpack or Razer gaming mouse. ($1,495.15 [USD])

What is the case made of?
NBR user “0100 1010 0101 0011″ states that the laptop lid and palmrest area have a rubberized coating. He also says that the LCD bezel and bottom of the notebook are made of plastic.

How’s the sound on this beast?
“0100 1010 0101 0011″ says “I am in the cafeteria at school and it is way too loud! You will not need headphones, unless you are using it at an NBA game!” He continues on saying, “It’s certainly not a gimmick. The subwoofer in this machine works well enough to make the audio sound good enough to lose the headphones.” (I honestly think my Thinkpad T400’s sound was better. Everyone’s idea of good sound is different.)

Tell me about the LCD panel used in the G73JH!
Well, Quazilla was the first person to receive this notebook and he says, “The screen is VERY nice :mrgreen: …”. Other users report that if Quadzilla like is, everyone will like it. Other users have agreed that with the DIMM part shortage, ASUS could have just thrown random LCD panels in machines just to ship them. I think they will all be the same panel. Justin@XoticPC says that the panel in his test model is a Handstar HSD 173PUW1. “ziddy123″ says after 4 years of using a 15.4-inch laptop, “this 17.3-inch is a godsend”.

Does the G73JH come with a lot of bloatware pre-installed?
Yes. It’s recommended (by me) to do a clean re-install of Windows 7 when you receive the laptop. Quadzilla states that there are 83 processes running straight out of the box.

Are the cooling fans loud?
No. Quadzilla originally said that “it is whisper quiet”, and other owners have said the same thing. (From my own personal experience, it’s no quieter than any other laptop I’ve seen straight out of the box.)

How do the cooling fans work?
The fans pull fresh, cool air in through the keyboard and through the fans in the back. The only vents/grills on the bottom of the laptop are placed in line with the DDR3 DIMMs. (The design underneath the keyboard has since been photographed and shows that air cannot flow underneath the keyboard.)

Should I upgrade the thermal paste?
Short answer: Probably not. ASUS spent thousands on the design of this machine and tested it under full CPU & GPU load in their lab environment to make sure it could handle itself in the cooling department. If AS5 or ICD tickles your fancy, go for it, but I’m going to chalk this one up as a waste of money. It’s honestly just another spec you’ll rattle off to your friends, but no one will care. Not even the notebook.

What is the stock wireless card?
“0100 1010 0101 0011″ reported that his came with an Atheros AR9285, but ViciousXUSMC’s came with the Intel WiFi Link 1000.

How many antenna wires are pre-installed in behind the LCD panel?

Does overclocking the CPU or GPU void my warranty?
Probably, but can ASUS tell if you’ve done it? One NBR user thinks so, but no one else agrees. There is no hard evidence of whether it is or isn’t. (From my experience with this laptop, there is not really any reason to overclock and push the limits. So whatever.)

If you don’t overclock, will it still be a good laptop?

If you don’t game, will this still be a nice laptop for you?
Sorta. It depends on what kind of ports you need. If you require eSATA, Serial, or USB3.0, then this laptop isn’t for you. Otherwise, even if you don’t play games and don’t need the extra GPU power, it’s still a good laptop. Basically, if you can afford it, get it.

Is it heavy?
The ASUS G73JH weighs in at 8.5lbs. with the 8-cell battery installed. This isn’t including the weight of the AC adapter, the backpack, or anything else you may be carrying. However, multiple users have reported that it is surprisingly smaller than expected. Quadzilla has owned both the Alienware M17 (not M17x) and the ASUS G73JH, and he says they weigh about the same.

Does it come with an ExpressCard slot or eSATA?
Nope, sure doesn’t.

How can I tell how hot my GPU is running?
Download and run the AMD GPU Clock Tool.

How well does DIRT 2 run on the ASUS G73JH?
Quadzilla reported that DIRT 2 will run natively in 1920×1080 at 30 to 40 FPS with everything maxed, no AA. (DX11)

Should I upgrade to Windows 7 Professional?
Are you so in love with technology from 2001 that you need XP mode? Do you need to join a domain? No? Then you don’t need Pro. Save $130, dude.

How’s the Razer gaming mouse that comes bundled?
While it’s not the Razer Copperhead most were hoping for (and the original ASUS marketing pictures showed), it’s alright. It sucks for me because I play WoW and need thumb buttons as bad as becoming a millionaire, but it’s a nice thought that they even included a mouse. Oh, the mouse is a Razer Abyssus.

How’s the bundled Targus backpack?
It looks amazing. Users have reported that it is nice. And it’s far from cheesy looking, which is a plus. Almost looks like some materials are leathery.

What is the word of the day?
euisungkim says, “ggjrjfirjfjxksmskdkqpdkcifjrnekfhfjdbendhchfhchrielelfjcbendmvjdjdjfjfjejdnfjdkwpqpqpskfjfjcnfjdkrkf”.

3DMark06 Results:

g73jhmarksASUS’s Marketing Material for the G73JH.

3dmark06_first_quadzilla_65cQuadzilla’s 3DMark06 Straight out of the box.
Bloatware still installed.
65*C Max CPU Temp.

3dmark06_second_tturbo_quadzilla_70cQuadzilla’s 3DMark06 Straight out of the box.
Bloatware still installed.
“Twin Turbo Mode”.
75*C Max CPU Temp.

3DMark Vantage Results:

g73jhmarksASUS’s Marketing Material for the G73JH.

3dmark_vantage_tt_quadzilla_firstQuadzilla’s first run out of the box in “Twin Turbo” mode.

3DMARKVANTAGE-STANDARD-RESXoticPC’s Vantage Run, Stock Clock

3DMARKOVERCLOCK_799_1200XoticPC’s Vantage Run
Overclocked GPU @ 799MHz & 1200Mhz

3dmarkVOC1920x1080XoticPC’s Vantage Run
Overclocked GPU @ 799MHz & 1200Mhz
1920×1080 Resolution


XoticPC Review Part 1

XoticPC Review Part 2

Recorded by GenTechPC. Stock G73JH, 1920×1080 with no AA. Stock drivers.

Recorded by GenTechPC. Stock G73JH, 1920×1080 with AA. Stock drivers.

Recorded by GenTechPC. Stock G73JH, 1920×1080.

Recorded by GenTechPC. Stock G73JH, 1920×1080.

First-hand reviews and/or impressions:

QUADZILLA SAYS, “I have not run into any issues yet that i can think of honestly… Overall its a very nice machine … Build quality is good , not the best i have ever owned but still very good and when looking at a machine like this the price plays a huge roll in what to expect and from that point of view its amazing what this machine comes with…

I have in the past year owned a W90,M17,(2)M17x and maybe a couple in between i forgot about .. Compared to those machines it stacks up very well overall…

Things on this machine that make it stand out are the Screen is very nice, Bright,Clear, Great vertical viewing angles(this is what counts) horizontal are not that great but passable and not as important..

Cooling seems to be very good though the temp readings from AMD GPU TOOL i cant really make heads or tails of and dont know how accurate those are ..

Quiet… Ahh yes this one is important to me .. You dont really hear the machine so you should and can use this machine just about anywhere without annoying others or yourself … M17x sounds like a small leaf blower with all 3 fans blazing but the new i7 model is supposed to be quieter so i cant really comment on that one but just using a comparison…

Keyboard feels very nice … No flex that i can feel anywhere and the lights work well on it so i just keep them on all the time …

Weight… This machine is very light and is no chore to move around .. You can easily carry it with one hand if needed without worrying about dropping it plus the back panel has a rubber coated finish which makes it easier to hold on to …

Battery life ? hmm this one im not sure on but i have unplugged it and forced it into the battery savings mode but im not getting the Advertised 170 or so minutes they stated so i cant fully comment … I never let it run down to 0 though so it may or may not last that long…

Well thats about all for now but hopefully this helps a little …”

0100 1010 0101 0011 SAYS: ”Well, close to 20 hours with this machine and I haven’t turned it off once. None of us have reported any problems with this, including artifacts, colored SOD’s, stuttering or overheating.what is clear is that she runs cool overclocked, suggesting the fan architacture works really well. Someone asked if this is the best machine for gaming? Honestly there are 3 that are better. The dual card solutions (gtx280m x 2, 4870 x 2, gtx260m x 2) are going to beat this machine. But measured against any other single GPU machine, it wins by a large margin. I can’t wait to see what the 920 does n this thing!! With only one GPU, there should be no issues like the 4870 x 2 lappies.

Still, taking price, power, asthetics and components into account, this is the clear winner at present. Unless you are waiting for a $2,000+ dual 5870 machine to show up in 6 months, I’d preorder this soon.

I would also like to confirm that the fans pull air from the top and blow the heat from the CPU/GPU and heatsinks out the back. The pics I took with my nikon d5000 clearly show no vents on the bottom or in the fron for air to get in. Furthermore, the grill on the bottom, as Ziddy said, is for the 6gb of RAM. The GPU and CPU are on one side of the motherboard, while the RAM is in the other. How could the fans pull air through the bottom AND through the motherboard? I believe a laptop cooler may help keep the Ram cool, but not much else. That’s because, again, the fans, GPU and CPU are under the keybord….on top of the motherboard. I have seen no crazy high temps from any of the gamers/benchers that would suggest additional cooling is needed with the 720. Now, if mandrake or quad throw a 920 in there, that might be cause for a cooler.”

0100 1010 0101 0011’s Photos:


Quadzilla’s Photos:

devilmaycry4dx102010020 (1)devilmaycry4dx102010020gta_4gta_4-2maxxed_8x_aamaxxed_no_aaprototypef2010020617494prototypef2010020617504shift2010020618070409

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85 Responses to “Everything You Need To Know About the ASUS G73JH”

  1. Mike says:

    Is the G73JH-RBBX05 version from BestBuy upgradable to 16GB of RAM too?

  2. Cory says:

    How do I turn on and off the backlit keyboard on my ASUS G73Jh?

  3. @Mike: I would imagine all ASUS G73JH models have the same motherboard, so if one supports 16GB of RAM, the others should.

    @Cory: There is a blue-backlit button next to the speakers that does it or you can press Fn+F3 until it goes out.

  4. Damian says:

    Ok, so this is a question pertaining the backpack. I checked the targus website and , as far as I can tell, the backpack bundled with the laptop is the, “Targus 17” Groove Backpack”. The reviews on amazon say that 17 inch laptops stick out at the top about an inch and the only thing holding it in place is a nylon strap that goes around the top. Can someone confirm this for me?

  5. Not sure what applying this new theme did to my previous comments, but you can check out a video of the backpack at my YouTube channel by clicking the link @ the top of the page.

  6. Damian says:

    Thanks a lot..I saw your video on YouTube putting the laptop in the bag. Looks like it fits like a glove. =)

  7. Thanks for the inspiration to create the video, Damian! Glad I could help.

  8. Graywolf says:

    I got my stealth bomber laptop from Best Buy a few weeks ago – 2 days after it first arrived in my area. Loaded another 2GB of RAM in it to bring it up to 8GB and put a 640GB/5400rpm drive in the second bay. Seems to work great. I run a 52″ plasma display off it, which is why I bought this particular laptop and it looks pretty decent. I just OC’d the GPU to 800/100 from 700/1000 so I’m going to see now how it works tonight with Fallout3 at the highest graphics settings.

    The only problem I’ve had from installing the second hard drive is that I can’t seem to find a cage for it so Ive had to prop it up a bit in there until I do. I’ve heard they can be shipped in from the UK but haven’t pursued that yet.

    I’m considering throwing in a SSD drive and doing a clean Win7 install to really bob this thing out since the stock HDD is what’s probably what’s holding this thing back the most.

  9. @Graywold: Just seriously be careful with the overclocking. A majority of the first shipment of G73’s had their GPUs overclocked and ended up going back to ASUS for warranty replacement.

  10. Ian C says:

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor to the 920XM? Because this laptop is unbelievably crappy for recording 3D Video with camstudio. (No, FRAPS is too expensive, it’s not free, and WeGame can’t detect Perfect World.)

  11. @Ian C: Spec-for-spec, this laptop is not any better or worse (speed-wise) than any other laptop. It will record full-HD 1920×1080 video just fine.

    Camstudio was never meant to record any kind of gaming unless it’s Solitaire. That’s why it’s free.

    Upgrading to the 920XM would be a $1,000+ upgrade, and FRAPS is only $20.

  12. JB says:

    I am currently on my second machine. First w,ent back after multiple crashes. The second i’m currently typing on, is having crash/lockup issues with games. I’ve updated all drivers, But still the prob remains. Acts like it getting hot. After about an hour/hour an a half it just locks up, But at least it still allows me to open task manager and end the process. The first computer was going grey screen,constant sound, and would make you force a shutdown. I’m actually kinna pissed, I just want to play my *&%(ing games in peace. lol

  13. Can i just buy a external hard drive for my g73jh-x1, instaed of putting one in the empty bay in the laptop.

  14. Yes, definitely. An external USB hard drive should work on nearly any computer.

  15. Pustulous says:

    I had done tons of research before making the decision to purchase the G73jh from Best Buy. Best Buy would have to order it and ship it to us. Fry’d Electronics had 10 in stock, but their interest rate would be 26.9% to finance it. Plus, it was $200 more than the Best Buy one. Ordered mine at the Best Buy around the corner on Saturday, 0% financing for 18 months. I don’t work for them. In fact, I’ve never had a positive experience from Best Buy. But the experience I had Saturday with a decent employee (still in shock) gave me a little hope. I went with this model due to the 5870 and GDDR5 match, which have been highly recommended over the GDDR3. I usually go with Nvidia, but am heavily disappointed in the rehashing of older GPU’s. The 5870 is king of single GPU’s on a laptop. Looking forward to stomping some games in a serious way. Hell, I may even dump my gaming desktop and buy a 27″ LCD for my desk to hook this up to! :D

  16. @Pustulous: I’m still loving mine. It’s awesome.

  17. Akshay Agrawal says:

    well i was also expecting a razer mouse in my package but me and some other ppl have got this other mouse in the package

    it looks like hp voodoo mouse


    here is a pic of the mouse in the package


    i would say its definitely a step up….on the fly switchable dpi and two thumb buttons…not bad fr the package

    been very impressed by the performance of the notebook till now!

  18. James Andrews says:

    I’ve had my G73Jh-X3 for a little over a month and I have to admit I’m impressed. My old laptop was a Dell studio model w/ 6gig of ram and a 512mg video card and this (no surprise) blows it out of the water. I have ordered a few upgrades for it already and expect them in sometime this week (getting mail in Afghanistan takes toooo long). I ordered a 256gb kingston V2 SSD, and a secondary 500g WD 7200rpm HD (to replace the 2 320gig 7200s). I am considering maxing the laptop out at 16gigs of 1333 but am having problems justifying this as i dont see any practical application for 16gigs (someone help me spend money!!).

    No bluescreens
    No dead pixils
    No problems


  19. S says:

    You might want to add the A3, which has 500GB drives with 4GM SSD “cache”

  20. Jonas says:


    I got this laptop, how do I install a clean version of Windows 7 on here? Please I need some help, I wanna get rid of all the crap that is installed on here

  21. Hey Jonas,

    Just back up your stuff and start up off of the Windows 7 DVD that comes with the G73. If yours didn’t come with one, you’ll need to find an OEM 64-bit version of the W7 Home Premium disc and install from that.

    Otherwise I think the only thing you can do is a recovery back from the DVDs you create from the G73. It bugs you about this upon first startup.

    Hope this helps.


  22. DRUTYPER says:

    I am close to buying the X3 version but I was wondering if the A1-A2 versions (other than from the obvious upsides of the upgraded hardware) are a better choice than the X3? But since the X3 is a newer model and might not have all the bugs that the A1-A2 was haunted with(crashing, other complaints) since it was the first batch. Im really interested in the A1 if its available since it comes with some great additions and mouse and backpack. Also do you have a website that you consider better than the rest to order from? I was thinking of going with newegg but some of your suggestions have A1-A2 in stock.

  23. James Kinsey says:

    What motherboard does the ASUS G73jh utilize, and where can I find the “motherboard book” for this model? I need far more technical information than a mere users manual can provide.
    BTW if anybody needs a dis-assembly guide for the G73jh you can find it here:


    It took my what seemed like forever to find that guide so I thought I’d make it easier for the rest of you.

  24. James Kinsey says:

    Akshay Agrawal said:
    “well i was also expecting a razer mouse in my package but me and some other ppl have got this other mouse in the package”

    I don’t know who the maker of the mouse is, although I’m told it’s Razer, but if your G73jh shipped without the software for the mouse, as mine did, I’m sure you’ll want the proper software for it. You can find that software here:


    Don’t give up on me people, I need that motherboard book. Somebody please give me a link!

    ASUS G73jh-A1/Core i7 940xm/8Gb DDR3@1333MHz/ATI HD5870 1GB GDDR5/2 x 500GB 7200RPM SATAII/EAX Advanced HD 4.0/Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

  25. Best review i ever read, thanks mate.

  26. Jeff says:

    just so everyone knows if you dont register your warranty within 60 days you wont have the ADW and asus will not work with you at all. also if you mailed your warranty card in it will just come back with undeliverable …..

  27. vishakhnag says:

    If I BUY the Asus G73jh-X3 will I Get Backpack and a Mouse

  28. vishakhnag: The backpack and mouse only comes with the A1 and A2 models. It could possibly come with the A3 model, but I don’t have the details for that.

  29. Alene Mecenas says:

    Can I use this G73Jh for both gaming and PC DJing application or in music production as well? Thanks.

  30. Definitely! I have used it to game and also to DJ with Serato Scratch Live.

  31. ivangrozni says:

    My AC-adapter recently blew. My question is : does anyone know if there is an universal one that fits the G73JH-A1. I went to a few stores and could not find one powerful enough. I called Asus to get a replacement (under warranty), but they are out of stock and can not even give me an ETA for the piece in question. Thanks.

  32. Stephen Ngu says:

    Just got this laptop for Christmas and am SUPER Happy with it. I got it from Best Buy first though and was disappointed.

    The Best Buy version is much worse than the one you can get from other retailers.
    The Best Buy version has slower RPM HDD’s, has a native resolution of 1600 x 900 instead of 1920 x 1080 and has no built in Bluetooth. Top that off with no Asus ADW and 360 Warranty (and Best Buys “Protection Plan” costs a LOT and doesn’t cover accidental damage) makes Best Buy the worst choice to get this computer from.

    Returned it to them and ordered it online from Tiger Direct. Have not been letdown at all. Just waiting to get a nice sized SSD and then I’ll load a fresh Windows 7 install on it.

  33. Tech_Lovin_OD says:

    all your reviews have been helpful in deciding on this model. although I’m going with the X3 and am ordering it from AVADirect.com as I can have them add some modifications for me. Normally i’d mod it myself, but as I’m in Afghanistan… I’d rather not crack it open… Are there any components that i should consider upgrading… other than the HDD’s? and would upgrading the wireless card even be worth it? 5 days till I order… :)

  34. @Tech_Lovin_OD: I’d say it should be just fine as-is… I mean an SSD will drastically increase the load times for everything, but that’s all I would do to it. Very very few games will use 6GB or 8GB of RAM, so the HDD would be your bottleneck.

  35. Tech_Lovin_OD says:

    @ Travis: Thanks just going to throw a 64GB SSD into it along with the standard 500GB HDD so use for booting and a few games. Mostly going to play EVE Online and some flight sims. thanks for the help.